Hw/Sw and System Design

The design area is able to support the customer during any phase of the product  life cycle starting from the requirement specifications until the qualifications and tests. The added value of LSI consists in the ability to develop equipment and / or systems with stringent requirements in terms of reliability, maintainability, testability and safety in such a way that it could be employed  in "hostile" environments: holds of aircraft, ships, shelters, etc. The company 's experience is linked to the defense and industry sectors where these requirements are always required and the systems operation extends over time horizons up to or exceeding 20 years.

The development phases are as follows:

  • Specification of equipment and / or system requirements
  • Design and development of prototypes
  • Validation of design
  • Functional and environmental qualification
  • Prototype equipment production


Study / Design SERVICES:

  • Support for the development of products and systems in compliance with EMC requirements
  • Analog / RF / Microwave circuits simulation
  • Antennas definition and design
  • EM simulations for antennas
  • SW development for embedded and realtime systems with microprocessor or DSP systems
  • 3D mechanical design with structural analysis
  • Electronic PCB design
  • SW development for ATE test stations and development of ITA interfaces

Verification / Validation SERVICES:

  • Plans and procedure for verification and validation of the system requirements with traceability of the validation and verification test
  • Radio, RF and Antenna measurements
  • EMI / EMC measurements
  • Support for the specifics interpretation of RTCA standards, EUROCAE, MIL-STD, ARINC, DEF-STAN
  • Support for flight tests and data analysis
  • SW development  for lab measurement
  • Development of special test equipment for RF measurements
  • Development of digital test equipment for command and control of equipment during environmental and EMC measures
  • First Article Inspection (FAI)